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Software Development
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Software Development Services

Intellivention can provide software development services ranging from device drivers to full application development on both embedded and PC platforms.   We can assist your selection of a language, develop code for your embedded platform in assembler or C or LabView, C/C++, VB for your PC applications.

Key Benefits

bulletFree your employees from the low level code to focus on your application
bulletFully tested device driver code
bulletFull application development if your company lacks the internal resources
bulletCertified Atmel AVR Consultant


Software Development
We currently have over 15 years of software development experience ranging from various assemblers to embedded C to C++, Java, Visual Basic, Matlab, & LabVIEW on platforms ranging from 8-bit MCUs to full 32-bit PC's running Windows/Linux/QNX OSes.
Atmel AVR Software Development
We currently provide a variety of CodeVisionAVR libraries for interfacing various peripherals to Atmel AVR microcontrollers ranging from keypad, LCD, Siteplayer Internet Peripheral.
Microchip PIC Software Development
We have source code solutions for PICC compiler for Keypad access and the Siteplayer Internet Peripheral (Under Development).
General Purpose Software Development
We have several general purpose source code libraries that are platform independent.  We have also developed several complete applications for embedded control of motors, an internet enabled door lock system, an internet motor control system, and embedded wireless dataloggers.
Software Applications we have worked on include:
Robotics/Motion Control
Control & Signal Processing Algorithm Development
Machine Vision
Heart Rate Variability
ECG Anomaly Detection
Automated Questionnaires
Image Processing for Medical Applications
Structural Health Monitoring
File parsers
General Purpose Instrumentation and software 

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