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Circuit Design
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Electrical Development Services

Oberstar Consulting can provide full analog & digital circuit design, prototyping, PCB design/layout, and assembly/integration services.  Our current tool suite is the OrCAD family of products.  We work with you to determine your requirements and tailor a design to your needs.

Key Benefits

bulletDevelop a circuit to fit your needs without the need for an electrical engineering background
bulletDevelop prototype and production PCBs of your circuit
bulletSurface mount component assembly capabilities
bulletCertified Atmel AVR Consultant


Circuit Design
We have over 20 years of embedded system & power circuit design experience in both analog and digital electronics, microcontroller, & PLD development.
We can prototype your circuit on bread board or prototype PCB to qualify the design before production.
We have surface mount assembly  and rework capabilities.  For production volumes we have access to high volume PCB assembly/test facilities
Electrical design applications we have worked on include:
Robotics/Motion Control
Control & Signal Processing Algorithm Development
Machine Vision
Heart Rate Variability
ECG Anomaly Detection
Structural Health Monitoring
General Purpose Instrumentation and software 

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