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Mechanical Design
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Mechanical Development Services

Key Benefits

bulletMechanical and Electrical system co-design
bulletAlleviate already burdened internal resources


Mechanical Design
We have over 15 years of mechanical design experience in... Mechanical design using 3-D modeling software (Pro-E, AutoCAD, Solidworks etc.). Mechanical performance (structural and thermal behavior) of the designs can be validated using software such as ANSYS or ALGOR.
Mechanical Prototyping  
We have access to a full machine shop for mechanical system prototyping. Equipment includes mills, lathes, saws, hand tools, etc.
Before approving the final design of the parts, the following prototypes could be available for visual acceptance: SLA (stereolithography), FDM (fused deposition modeling), or SLS (selective laser sintering). Molded prototypes to achieve mechanical acceptance can be created using prototype tooling such as MUD bases (master unit dies), SLS tooling (selective laser sintering), or soft tooling (aluminum).
Plastic Part Development
Parts can be molded from a variety of different plastic materials depending on your exact application. The plastic materials target applications involving Flame Retardancy, UV stabilization, Electrostatic Dissipation, Chemical Resistance, Temperature Resistance, and Strength.

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